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Body Sculpting Tape

Body Sculpting Tape

Our Body Sculpting Tape has 6 multi-skin tone options and can be worn under a variety of outfits.  It lifts and supports your boobs without having to wear a bra. The side that is applied to the skin is sticky with medical grade adhesive. The top side is made from cotton and elastane, making it breathable and stretchy.

The tape comes in a roll of 5 metres of tape which is approx. 3-8 wears depending on your boob cup size and application style. For extra comfort and value, we provide two tape width sizes, a 5cm for smaller to medium cup sizes ( A-C cups ) and 7.5cm for larger busts (D+ cups).

Once used, the tape cannot be re-used. We highly recommend that you wear nipple covers with this tape and we also recommend you to use a body Oil of your choice ( e.g baby oil, Vitamin E oil etc.) when removing the tape.  


  • Provides instant breastlift and control with no bra
  • Invisible under garment and can be paired with our No Peak Tape 
  • 90% Cotton for breathable skin comfort and 10% Elastane ( Spandex) for stretch
  • Sweat and waterproof, can be used with swimsuit 
  • Will stay in place for up to 8 hours with proper application
  • Packaging is 100% Recyclable

Please note: Do not use this product if you have sensitive, damaged or sunburnt skin. Use a body oil of your choice ( e.g baby oil, Vitamin E oil etc.) and take care not to rip the tape off. Do not wear longer than 8 hours. 

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